Calendar of Events

* Finding Focus in Your Practice: A Sitar Workshop with Tomek Regulski

Tomek Regulski
Thu, Dec 29 to Fri, Dec 30

Thu & Fri 10:30AM-12:30PM & 3:00-5:00PM

Tuition $25 per class

Traditionally, Indian classical music has been learned through an extensive apprenticeship where the student lives with, learns from, and practices near, the guru. In modern times, this is often not practical. Therefore, more and more weight is put on how we practice at home, and how we listen to music.

This workshop will cover four basic areas: technical exercise, rhythmic studies, "pure" raga expression, and structured improvisation. As these topics are expanded, the conversation will continuously tie back to the question, "How do we integrate this into home practice and find progress in between classes?" The majority of the material presented will be intermediate level, but Introductory and advanced material will also be presented at each step. Students of all levels are welcome to attend.