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Creativity, Nature & Presence: A Yoga & Voice Journey Retreat with Stephanie Rooker & Sarah Capua

Fri, Jun 08 to Sun, Jun 10

Fri afternoon - Sun lunch

Tuition $200

All of us hold an inherent understanding of nature, but the connection with nature can get lost in the hustle of daily life. Spending time in communion with nature helps to reintegrate this part of ourselves and uncover the natural wisdom that resides deep within. This special retreat emphasizes creativity as a gateway to connecting with the natural world around and within us. Combining practices of yoga, meditation and vocal sound healing, participants will explore dimensions of awareness, intuition and creative practice as pathways to awakening to nature.

Includes Concert by Stephanie, Arin Maya & Mikel Banks on Saturday evening, June 9.

Call to register. Please see Workshop Registration page.