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* Meditate - Melt - Merge: Yin Yoga & Sound Healing with Will LeBlanc & Lea Garnier

Sat, Oct 13

2:00-4:00 PM

Tuition $25

An exploration of the dynamics between the practice of Yin Yoga and the Therapeutic Sound Bath.

Based on the principles of stillness, Yin Yoga encourages students to listen to their body’s individual needs. Students will learn an intuitive approach to working with the body that facilitates the release of long-held tensions and offers genuine relaxation. You will practice simple postures on the floor to relax your muscles, in order to stimulate the ligaments, joints and layers of fascia. No yoga experience is necessary.

Sound has been utilized for thousands of years as a tool for healing. The various techniques using mantras, medicine melodies or other special frequencies all have the same purpose: to move one from a place of imbalance to balance. In essence, our being is vibration. We have a sound body which comes in and out of tune. Finding connection and balance with all that is, we can experience wholeness and perfect health.