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Voice Journey Retreat: “The R/Evolutionary Voice” with Stephanie Rooker

Stephanie Rooker
Fri, Apr 28 to Sun, Apr 30

Fri 4:00PM - Sun lunch

Tuition $150

All have the innate capacity to utilize their voice for healing, empowerment and transformation. By integrating your voice into your spiritual practice, you realize its power as a tool of creation, revelation, and r/evolution. In this way you can transcend that which limits your growth and bring out the truth that dwells within you. Join Stephanie for an immersive weekend exploration of techniques from powerful vocal lineages of Tibet, India, the West African Diaspora and the Americas, to spark the flame of your r/evolutionary truth and let it shine through word, sound and song.

Includes Concert by Stephanie on Sat, Apr 29, 8:30PM.

Call to register. Please see Workshop Registration page.