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The Yoga of Plants with Dan De Lion

Sat, Jun 15 to Sun, Jun 16

Sat & Sun 2:00-5:00 PM

Tuition $80 / single class $45

Join Dan de Lion of Return to Nature for a weekend workshop in identifying wild plants, using the ayurvedic constitutional approach and herbal teachings. Included will be discussion of basic ayurvedic constitutional diagnosis and application of those methods in the field, learning to understand the edible and medicinal attributes of local plants based on taste, rasa, and constitution, dosha. Each class begins and closes with simple ceremonies and chants to open up space for the discussions of the day.

Saturday’s class will introduce ayurvedic constitutional basics, dosha. Followed by a “plant sense meditation” walk to practice these techniques out in the field.

Sunday’s class: Understanding of dhatu and herbal actions, how plants affect different organs and systems. Followed by a walk to explore these ideas through direct experiences with local plants.