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"Sounds of Freedom -- Voices Rising": A Concert by Stephanie Rooker, Arin Maya & Mikel Banks

photo of Stephanie Rooker
Sat, Jun 09


Admission $20 / members $15; included in overnight guest rate

Voices rising together in the spirit of liberation will awaken the potential for freedom to emerge from where it lies unknown and longed for. “We soar beyond limitations of separation and comparison and unite in the harmony of all vibration as one.” Join three extraordinary artists in exploring the expansiveness of freedom through vocal improvisation and soulful song rendering.

Along with Stephanie Rooker, the evening will feature:
Arin Maya, a genre-bending artist stretching between soundscaping and soul/folk/jazz/gospel-inspired vocal performances, bridging generational and cultural gaps. Her audiences have been in Brooklyn, NY, and beyond.
Mikel Banks, a vocalist, musician, actor and storyteller. He has been performing with a wide variety of artists for many years; currently with Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber and Digital Diaspora, among others. He is also a pre-school music teacher.

Preceded by Meditation Program beginning at 7:30PM (by donation).