School of Sanskrit
International Schools of East-West Unity (Gurukula), Inc.

Ongoing Open Sanskrit Classes

with Bharati Devi - Beginners to Intermediate/Advanced
Tara Devi - Sundays, Beginners
Krishna Devi - Tuesdays, Beginners

Daily 11:00AM
Class length ranges from 45 to 90 minutes.

Note: From August 6 to 17, 2018, Mon. - Fri. Open Sanskrit classes are 10:45-11:30AM.

Tuition: By donation, or included in Ashram overnight guest rate

Instruction in the Sanskrit language is available daily for resident students, guests and the interested public. Knowledge of Sanskrit grammar as "science of vibration" gives a genuine understanding of the language and more independent access to the meaning of the ancient scriptures. It is taught here through the unique, interactive method developed by Ashram Founder Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati. With its emphasis on chanting and rhythm, this method also functions as a meditative discipline and an energizing holistic therapy.

Classes may include chanting of the Sanskrit alphabet and word forms, reading and writing of the devanāgarī script, grammar, translation, conversational exercises and philosophy/psychology of language. At least the first part of each session is of introductory or general nature, with no prior knowledge required. Depending on the level of participants, the second part of class may be intermediate-advanced level.