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Full Moon Ceremony with Stephanie Rooker, Mikel Banks & Desiree Mwalimu

photo of Stephanie Rooker
Sat, Nov 04


Admission $20 / members $15; included in overnight guest rate

Stephanie, Mikel and Desiree will facilitate a community event celebrating the Full Moon in shared expressions of gratitude for the fullness of life. Participants will gather in a circle to honor the connection to Earth, to water, to the moon, to the ancestors, to the cosmos and to each other. This special ritual, informed and inspired by the Mohawk tradition, is a chance to come into contact with the rhythms of nature, to generate vibrations of collective reverence and share an extended, suspended moment of gratitude. Awaken the magic within you and sing your heart out!

Mikel Banks is a vocalist, musician, actor and storyteller. He has been performing with a wide variety of artists for many years; currently with Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber and Digital Diaspora, among others. He is also a pre-school music teacher.

People of all spiritual orientations are welcome.

Preceded by Meditation Program beginning at 7:30PM (by donation).