Calendar of Events

* The Ayurvedic Art of Health & Healing: A Six-Day Seminar with Dr. Vasant Lad

Tue, Jul 18 to Sun, Jul 23

Daily Class Times: 10:30AM-12:30PM & 2:30-4:30PM
Evening Talk: July 21, Fri, 8:30PM

Full 6 days, Parts I & II, July 18-23, Tue - Sun (12 Classes & 1 Evening Talk) $420
Part I only, July 18-21, Tue - Fri (8 Classes) $280
Part II only, July 21-23, Fri eve - Sun (1 Evening Talk & 4 Classes) $170
Single Class $42
Lecture Fee for Evening Talk: $20 / members $15 (included in tuition for Part II and in overnight guest rate)

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Part I - July 18-21, Tue - Fri:

July 18, Tue
10:30AM-12:30PM Pulse: An Expression of Individual Life
Self-knowledge is an important secret of life. Every individual has his or her own perception and expression of life. We will detect our unique physical and mental constitution (prakruti) and current state of imbalance (vikruti) through the pulse.

2:30-4:30PM Bringing Balance through Ayurvedic Protocol
By understanding our prakruti and vikruti, the three doshas can be balanced and their equilibrium maintained. Ayurveda’s diagnostic tools include physical observation, touch, questioning, diet, lifestyle, and understanding of seasonal changes and time of life. Doshic balance can be restored through herbal protocol and cleansing programs.

July 19, Wed
10:30AM-12:30PM Face Reading
The face is the mirror of the mind and body. Every line on the face has significance and meaning. We will learn the art of facial analysis to discover doshic imbalances and gain deep psychological insight.

2:30-4:30PM Tongue Diagnosis
The tongue is the organ of speech and taste. It reflects the state of our internal organs and their relationship to the six tastes. Tastes influence our emotions. Analyzing the appearance and qualities of the tongue helps us make dietary choices to benefit our overall wellbeing.

July 20, Thu
10:30AM-12:30PM Ayurvedic Nutritional Concepts
Dr. Lad will teach us the Ayurvedic laws of nutrition and how they affect bodily tissues (dhatus) and their superior by-products (upadhatus) as well as ojas, tejas and prana, which are the final products of nutritional transformation.

2:30-4:30PM Rasayana & Dhatu Dushti
Rasayana rejuvenative therapies bring about renewal, regeneration and restoration. These therapies enhance our immunity, build stamina and give us long life. We will learn which rasayana is appropriate for different tissue disorders (dhatu dushti).

July 21, Fri
10:30AM-12:30PM Vastu Shastra: Symbols for Healing
Vastu Shastra is the science of bringing beauty and harmony into our environment.
Symbols and images are the language of God. Through symbols we communicate with the universal consciousness. Dr. Lad will show us how to use various symbols to correct our vastu in order to unfold happiness and love in our relationships.

2:30-4:30PM Meditation Brings Balance
Meditation balances our brain chemistry. Through meditation we can bring radical change in our daily life.

Part II - July 21-23, Fri eve - Sun:

July 21, Fri
8:30PM Bhakti, the Divine Path of Devotion - Evening Talk by Dr. Lad

July 22, Sat
10:30AM-12:30PM Jyotish & Our Unique Mantra
Light energy coming from the Sun, the Moon and the planets influences the physical, mental, spiritual and environmental status of all beings. Dr. Lad will discuss Jyotish, the Vedic science of light and its effects on human life. We will learn how to balance our astrological chart by using a specific mantra suited to our unique Jyotish.

2:30-4:30PM Palmistry
Hasta Samudrika or hand analysis is an ancient Vedic tradition that mirrors your life. Every mark, line and mound on the palm is a reflection of our nature or character which, as Vedic sciences believe, is the product of our thoughts and patterns of behavior.

July 23, Sun
10:30AM-12:30PM Balancing & Healing Mantras
Dr. Lad states, ”Every organ has a sound that is recognized by the RNA and DNA of its cells, due to the vibrations of prana within. These sounds maintain harmony between the structure and the functioning of the tissues and organs.” We will learn various mantras to unfold healing in our organs and balance their functions.

2:30-4:30PM Ganesha Puja
Puja is a multisensory experience involving a deity to whom flowers, fruits, foods, light, water, mantras and incense are offered with love and devotion. In the process, puja creates a special relationship with the divine. It brings healing, sacredness, blessings and atmospheric change. Join Dr. Lad as he performs a puja to Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles and lord of new beginnings.

Overnight Guest Rates, incl. Ashram ongoing programs & yoga classes:
Full 6 Days, July 17-23 Mon eve - Sun:
Semiprivate $605 / members $545; Dorm $485 / memb. $437; Camping Rate $388
Part I only, July 17-21 Mon eve - Fri:
Semiprivate $400 / memb. $360; Dorm $320 / memb. $288; Camping Rate $256
Part II only, July 21-23 Fri eve - Sun:
Semiprivate $230 / memb. $207; Dorm $190 / memb. $171; Camping Rate $152

Call 845.782.5575 for Seminar registration and overnight reservations.
Note: Pre-registration is required for all programs, including single classes, as well as for meals.

For Day Students: Lunch or dinner $10; Yoga classes $15;
Morning or evening Meditation Programs - by donation