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The Space in Between: A Retreat of Sound & Silence with Sarah Capua & Stephanie Rooker

Fri, Nov 03 to Sun, Nov 05

Fri 7:30PM - Sun lunch

Tuition $200

This weekend retreat is about creating space to go in. Expand your inner experience through exploring the space between inhalation and exhalation, silence and sound, body and mind, action and awareness. The retreat will integrate simple and profound practices of movement and breath, deep listening, somatic awareness and mindfulness with vocal sound, meditation and the substantial presence of silence. Meet your life in the space between the part of you that speaks and the part of you that listens, cultivating balance, purpose and direction as you walk your path in this world.

Includes Concert by Stephanie on Sat, Nov 4, 8:30PM.

Call to register. Please see Workshop Registration page.