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"Sing Me Home": A Concert by Stephanie Rooker with ArinMaya & Edson Sean

photo of Stephanie Rooker
Fri, Aug 18


Admission $20 / members $15; included in overnight guest rate

"There is something about music that can naturally bring us to a feeling of 'home.' Music lifts the inspiration that stirs us from within -- our prayers, hopes and dreams -- and transforms that inspiration into felt experience. It deepens our understanding and compels us to live out those prayers, hopes and dreams in our lives." Through a combination of composed and improvised music, a trio of lifelong musicians will offer a suspended moment of devotion and creativity. Along with Stephanie, the evening will feature:
ArinMaya, a genre-bending artist stretching between soundscaping and soul/folk/jazz/gospel-inspired vocal performances, bridging generational and cultural gaps. Her audiences have been in Brooklyn, NY, and beyond.
Edson Sean, a native of Brooklyn, well established in its independent soul music scene as a musician, singer and emcee. He uses his music to spread messages of love.

Preceded by Meditation Program beginning at 7:30PM (by donation).