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Vaastu - The Science of Architecture in the Vedic Tradition with Shri Arya Bhushan Shukla

Fri, Jun 02 to Sat, Jun 03

Fri 8:30PM Introductory Talk: By Donation; included in overnight guest rate
Sat 10:00AM-12:30PM & 2:00-5:00PM Workshop

Tuition $80

Harmony with nature in one's place of dwelling has been considered of paramount importance in India from times immemorial. Nature affects a person on physical, mental and spiritual levels. In order to understand this divine science, one needs to know directions, energy flow and planetary influences with their effect on human beings. Nature consists of a delicate balance between all visible and invisible forces.

In this workshop, Vaastu principles are presented in a scientific and easily comprehensible way. The main topics included are:
1. Basis for setting the directions on a plot
2. Basis for placing the planets on the plot
3. Energy flow in the plot
4. Activity centers placed according to visible and invisible natural forces
5. Result of wrong placement of activity centers (not matching with Vaastu concepts)
6. Application of rules and tips
7. Sample cases

Discussion on the above topics will help participants in applying the principles themselves, enabling them to take appropriate actions to maintain equilibrium with nature.