Calendar of Events

Neuroscience and Meditation with Shaun Nanavati

Fri, Mar 24 to Sat, Mar 25

Fri 8:30PM Lecture by Donation; included in overnight guest rate
Sat 2:00-3:30PM Workshop Tuition $10

The Friday Evening Talk focuses on meditation and consciousness and how ancient beliefs regarding the nature of consciousness are becoming crucial to understanding the new ways of thinking at the forefront of contemporary neuroscientific research.
The first section discusses the definitions and methods by which consciousness is investigated. This includes questions of identity and awareness. The second part explores the importance of one’s subjective experience in examining consciousness, as well as the specific function and structure of the brain as it relates to the overall body. An examination of mindfulness and consciousness follows, presenting the contrasting views of Eastern and Western approaches. The last section reviews research on meditation and consciousness and how our understanding of consciousness can inform the emerging paradigm of neuroplasticity.

The Saturday Afternoon Session is an experiential, individualized guided imagery process group. Participants sample an advanced mindfulness technique in which they investigate their own perceptions of identity and body.