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"Know Thy Self": A Meditative Journey into One’s True Self with Nomi Bachar

Nomi Bachar
Sat, Nov 14

10:00AM-12:30PM & 2:00-5:00PM

Tuition $65

Life’s most important discovery is our true Self. This free, loving, creative and joyful essence is often veiled by layers of fears, old hurts, defensive patterns and cultural/social adaptations. Those who are passionate about uncovering this essence can engage in a daily process of self-examination for the purpose of shedding, letting go and detaching from all that is not one's true essence. This workshop uses meditative and creative exercises that assist in the process of realizing and celebrating the true-Self.

Benefits will include:

• A deepening of your meditative practices

• Expansion of your creative abilities

• Identifying and releasing unnecessary layers of emotions and beliefs

• Expanding the space of freedom, joy and love that lives within