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"Gates of Power" Level 1: An Intensive Course with Nomi Bachar

Nomi Bachar
Sat, Jul 18 to Sun, Jul 19

10:00AM-5:30PM, includes lunch break

Tuition $280

The Gates of Power® method can assist you in redesigning your life. It helps you express your highest vision, liberating you from what is in your way to fulfillment, inner freedom and happiness.

Level 1 includes:

• An in depth, experiential study of the three aspects of yourself, related to your emotional, defensive and expanded selves.

• An exploration of your inner dialogue and how to strengthen, harmonize and balance it.

• An in-depth study of your personal theme and the way it impacts all seven Gates -- Body, Emotions, Life Path, Dialogue, Creative Expression, Silence and Knowledge -- providing you with a road map for self-healing and Self-actualization.

Note: If you wish to participate but have not previously attended the Introduction, call Nomi Bachar at 212.877.0346 to set up a free phone consultation.