Calendar of Events

* Krishna Leela Dance Drama & Janmashtami Celebration by East-West School of Dance, Ashram Artists

Krishna Leela Dance Drama
Sat, Sep 05

8:30PM - midnight

Admission $20 / members $15 / Family Rates available. Included in overnight guest rate

Dance-drama choreographed and directed by Pandit S.N. Charka: Colorful scenes from the life of Krishna, from his miraculous early years and mischievous childhood to the culmination in the mahā-rāsa, his cosmic dance with the gopīs. Presented in the dazzling Kathak style of North India.

Followed by Celebration of Janmāshtamī, Lord Krishna's Birthday, with Kirtan, bhajans and music. Special prasād at midnight.

Preceded by Meditation Program beginning at 7:00PM (by donation).