Calendar of Events

* Intermediate/Advanced Sanskrit Courses with Prof. Ram Karan Sharma

Prof. Ram Karan Sharma
Mon, May 11 to Fri, Jun 05

10:30AM-12:30PM, Mon-Fri only

Tuition: 1 week $175 / full 4 weeks $650 / single class $35. Study materials are included.

A truly unique opportunity for those who already have a basic knowledge of Sanskrit to expand their understanding by studying with a master teacher and scholar from India.
Presentation of the texts will include various linguistic aspects, grammar and philosophy.

Required: Acquaintance with the devanāgarī script and a preliminary knowledge of Sanskrit vocabulary and grammar. Beginners may attend informally.

This year, Prof. Ram Karan Sharma will offer four courses:

May 11-15 : Yoga Sūtras, Selections from Chapters 2 & 3
The second chapter of Patanjali's Yoga Sūtras deals with Kriyā Yoga, the Yoga of transformation, and Aṣhṭānga Yoga, the well-known eight limbs of the Yoga system. The third chapter introduces supernatural powers or siddhis. Students will gain valuable insights from Prof. Sharma's scholarly presentation.

May 18-22 : Kalidasa’s Shākuntalam, Act 4
The drama Abhijñānashākuntalam is one of the major works of Kalidasa, the most famous of Sanskrit poets. This course will focus on certain innovations Kalidasa inserted into the classical story, such as sage Durvasas' curse. Act 4 of the drama is presented in the original with ample explanations.

May 25-29 : Poetry by R.K. Sharma: Samanvaya
This week will feature the poem Ko'ham -- "Who Am I?" -- from Prof. Sharma's latest poetry selection, Samanvaya. It will be read and interpreted linguistically, metrically, literarily and philosophically.

June 1-5 : Siddhānta Kaumudī, Prakaraṇa 3
(Advanced Sanskrit Grammar Course)
The Vaiyākaraṇa Siddhānta Kaumudī by Bhattoji Dikshita rearranges Panini's Sūtras from the application point of view, with special reference to the formation of words and sentences. The third chapter begins with the topic of ach-sandhi, the joining together of vowel sounds. Relevant sūtras will be read and interpreted with illustrations.