1961:Adjudicated the "Best Classical Dancer" in the All-India Music and Dance Competition, Hyderabad.
1964:Adjudicated the "Bhat" (Premier Artist) title in classical dance by the Andhra Pradesh Artist Social and Cultural Co-operative Organization, Hyderabad.
1965: "Awards of Merit" in the 3rd Andhra Pradesh India University Youth Festivals - representing Osmania University, Hyderabad
1974:Adjudicated the "Cultural Ambassador" title at the Asia University, Tokyo
1977:"Awarded Plaque" by H.M. the Queen Elizabeth Silver Jubilee Celebrations at the Sydney Opera House, Australia
1987:"Pandit" by Arya Spiritual Center of N.Y. Confirmed by Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati, Ananda Ashram, N.Y.
1992:"Acharya" of Dance and Dance-Drama by Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati, at the occasion of Shakuntala premiere performance, Ananda Ashram, N.Y.
1994:"Sanskriti Bhushan" - by Pt. Ram Lal, at the occasion of Ramayana performance, Ananda Ashram, N.Y.


Pandit Satya Narayana Charka: dancing into global hearts …a raconteur who has taken Indian stories to different parts of the world through his dance. (he) has made Kathak accessible to hundreds of American students… Pt Charka and his students from the US were recently in Bangalore on the invitation of Natya Institute of Kathak and Choreography, which was also part of their four-city tour in India. … Pt Charka himself performed two pieces, enthralling the gathering with his flawless moves, expressions and an agility that belies his age …"It's culture which makes the business of living richer," (he says). "It is this force that prompts me to keep the torch of culture lit in our hearts and minds"… With a cultural ambassador like Pt Charka, the East indeed does meet the West!
Deccan Herald, Bangalore India

NATIONS UNITE IN PASSIONATE MUSIC AND DANCE SHOW For Mr. Charka, this was the second such collaboration. He says the audiences connect because of the strong narrative and emotional content. "What we express with our faces is as important as our dancing" he explains "Kathak and Flamenco dance are both based on telling stories"
Times Herald, upstate NY

Pandit Satya Narayana Charka implements narrative gestures and subtle eye movements alongside Del Conte's fluid turns and seductive flourishes. Intertwining their bodies as they do the dance styles they are mixing, the four dancers execute identical footwork combinations, pairing the clicks of nailed heels with the jingle of ankle bells.
The Village Voice, NYC

Satya Narayana Charka brought to his dancing power, intelligence and a variety of acting moods which mark him as a truly creative artist. The technical brilliance of his dances is matched by the beauty of his costumes. His has been an important contribution to the world of art.
Beth Dean, Sydney Opera House

Breathtaking, superb, classic...all credit to Satya Narayan Charka...
The Indian Express, Bombay

Satya Narayana Charka's dances are swirls of vivid color...his Kathak duet with Fumiko Yazawa is believed first of its kind by Indo- Japanese artists.
The Japan Times, Tokyo

His Kathak rises to a sparkle when he suddenly leaps to demonstrate...
Decon Herald, Banglore

Charka's dance...I had the impression of being present in a graceful dream...
Whole Life Times, New York

Charka held the audience spellbound as he displayed his magical footwork with lightning speed...
India West, California

Throughout his performance Charka stunned the audience with his whirlwind spins and intricate footwork. At times he was able to vibrate his body while standing in a straight position almost to the point of levitation...
The Beacon, Tennessee

"Festival of India"...Charka's Kathak dance has evolved to the highest degree of virtuosity...
Staten Island Advance, New York

Kathak Mahotsav...Charka in the title role convincingly brought out the nobility as well ask the psychology of Karna...
The Hindustan Times, New Delhi

Guru Maya Rao's Natya Institute of Kathak & Choreography celebrated 30th anniversary...announced a dance drama on Karna in Kathak style in Bangalore on May 13th, 1995...Charka developed Karna as a dance drama ...highlighted positive aspects of character...set an example for choreography ...very significant...
Indian Express, Bangalore, India



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