Calendar of Events

* Yoga & Voice Journey Retreat with Nikki Lewitan & Stephanie Rooker

Stephanie Rooker
Fri, Nov 20 to Sun, Nov 22

Fri afternoon - Sun lunch

Tuition $150

Awakening Creative Flow in Movement & Sound
This retreat integrates restorative and vinyasa yoga practice with empowered expression through multicultural vocal practices and experimental sound.

The body is the instrument of the voice. The voice is the instrument of the soul. Connecting mindfully with the body aligns and strengthens not only one’s physicality, but facilitates the embodiment of one’s true nature. The more intimately one becomes familiar with this instrument, the more deeply one can listen to it and freely open the voice to release the soul's teachings. The essence of the Voice Journey approach lies in the delicate balance between cultivating awareness of the instrument of the voice and surrendering to the flow of creativity that emerges powerfully when one can truly “get out of the way.” Venture deep into the wisdom of your body and free the magic of your voice in this weekend of immersion in feeling, sound and song of the soul.