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Mantra Yoga - Path to Freedom & Happiness: A Talk by Swami Sankarananda

Wed, Aug 07

8:00 PM

By Donation

This talk will explore the theory and practice of Mantra, Japa and Kirtan. Yoga is a state of consciousness and an inner science designed to lead one to complete happiness. It works to uplift one's life through uplifting the mind, and finally leads to the freedom of an experiential understanding that one is "in the world but not of the world." Mantra is one of the great powers and practices of Yoga. Explore Mantra Yoga -- both the practice and the philosophy underlying its transformative power.

Swami Sankarananda, a monastic in the Swami Sivananda lineage, calls himself a simple pilgrim for peace. After experiencing the grace of inner peace, being guided by great Yogis in the Himalayas, and travelling the USA for nearly five years, he is now tending to a small desert Ashram in Arizona. Peace is his mission.

Preceded by Meditation Program beginning at 7:00 PM (by donation).