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"Set Your Heart Free": A Dance and Movement Meditation with Nomi Bachar

Nomi Bachar
Sun, Dec 27


Tuition $40

Join Nomi in this joyful and playful workshop that explores the delight of authentic movement and sound. People all yearn to set their heart free, to be able to express love, joy, or sadness. This workshop charts a path to the expressions of the heart. It supports your ability to celebrate and accept who you are, and at the same time it releases who you are not. Freeing your expressions allows you to trust and appreciate them, which in turn supports your success.

Benefits will include:

• Enhanced agility and flexibility in the body

• Freeing your energy field

• Overcoming hesitance and enhancing spontaneity

• Nourishing natural playfulness and joy

• Freeing the expression of emotions