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Letting Go of Who You Are Not, Embracing Who You Are with Nomi Bachar

Nomi Bachar
Sat, May 09


Tuition $30

Our true self is one with the exuberant, loving, and creative Self, the universal 'I Am'. Along the journey of our lives we accumulate hurts, fears, insecurities, illusions and limiting behaviors. All of these distort and mask our ability to know the truth. Gates of Power® Method is dedicated to peeling away the layers of untruth, dissolving and releasing unnecessary emotional and energetic imprints and shifting limiting thought and behavior patterns. It is a powerful clearing system that assists you in dissolving what you are not and embracing, nurturing and honoring what you truly are.

The workshop will include information, discussion, sharing, meditation and exercises. All aimed at assisting participants in uncovering their inner truth and true power.