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Homa - Sacred Fire Ceremony with Amma Sri Karunamayi

Amma Sri Karunamayi
Sun, Jun 09

9:00 AM-2:00 PM

Attendance free of charge

Ananda Ashram is very honored to again welcome Amma Sri Karunamayi, revered worldwide as an embodiment of compassion, wisdom and unconditional love. Visit Amma's website to read more about her mission and message.

Amma Sri Karunamayi will conduct a grand Homa (sacred Vedic fire ceremony) dedicated to world peace, prosperity and healing. There will be several havan kundas (traditional fire pits) and opportunities for guests to sponsor. The event will be held outdoors under a large, open tent and will conclude with light food. Please come in modest clothing, prepared to sit outside for an extended time, and bring protection from the weather and insects.
A chartered bus from Manhattan will facilitate round trip travel for day guests.

More details are available here.

For overnight guest accommodations, you may reserve online or call the Ananda Ashram office (845.782.5575).